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Panda Twins

My latest internet time-waster is the Atlanta Zoo’s Panda Cam and the accompanying blog posts.  These new twin panda babies, born on July 15, are almost as cute as kittens.  I’m especially enjoying reading the intelligent entries on the panda maternal instincts.  The zoo lets the mother, Lun Lun, care for one twin at a time.  Apparently pandas don’t have the bandwidth to care for two; until recently, one of the twins born in captivity always died.  But the Chengdu (China) zoo pioneered the cub-swapping technique, and Lun Lun seems to not even notice she’s got two different cubs.  The voice-over on a recent video of the two babies added that, “When the cubs are switched, they will spend a short time in the incubator together.  This gives Lun Lun some time to finish her sugar cane and possibly drink some water.”  I’m sure she’d really appreciate a few minutes to take a shower or have a nap, too.


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