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Herbivores Delight Bordered

The “Herbivores Delight” from Ripple

The other day I was trying to figure out what to do with all the herbs that are starting to really flourish in the garden, and the solution hit me—herbal drinks. I love herbal infusions in cocktails. My favorite drink at the moment is served at Ripple in DC and is called the Herbivores Delight. It’s chamomile-infused vodka with grapefruit-thyme soda. I love the way herbs fight against the sweetness in drinks, and I love how subtle their flavors are. I also thought they might work in a mocktail; my mother is not drinking at the moment but I still wanted to make her an interesting treat. So I went online and found every recipe I could for thyme flavored drinks, went out and bought the ingredients, and hauled them all to my boyfriend’s house to play with them. (more…)


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