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This weekend, my boyfriend and I worked on the back yard of my mother’s house. My mother is out of town and as a present to her, I wanted to get the yard prettified at least a little before she came home.

The tale of prettification is complicated. My mother, my sister’s boyfriend, and I all have opinions about what should happen to the back yard to turn it from what it is now—a haphazard weed collection—into a place she might actually use for dining, relaxing, and growing pretty or edible plants. Mom has consulted a couple of landscape gardeners, all of whom have been seemed not to care whether they get a job at all. When it comes to deciding what to do in the mean time, we have a severe case of too many cooks, with my sister Meredith, her boyfriend Kevin, me, my boyfriend David, and my mom all voicing opinions about what should happen, when, in what order, and who should do it.  Despite the differences in strategies, we’re making progress.



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John Everett Millais’s “Ophelia,” c. 1851, at the Tate Gallery

I had lunch with an old friend the other day and I told him about this non-blog that I have going so far.  He asked the name, and when I told him, his response was a blank look.

“I know, it’s a really bad name,” I said nervously.  “You think it’s a really bad name.”

“No, no,” he said.  “I’m just looking confused because I assume it’s a literary reference I don’t get.” (more…)

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