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A friend of mine uploaded this photo he took of a luna moth to Facebook and gave me permission to use it, along with his original caption, which read

“Dear Mr. Moth: your fantastic leaf-like camouflage works much better if you actually sit on a tree.”

Actias luna

Image credit: Paul Erickson.


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Have you seen this criminal?  Wanted for assault in the District of Columbia

Have you seen this criminal? Wanted for assault in the District of Columbia

The other day, when I was sitting at my desk working and my cats were out in the garden sunning themselves, I saw a bird swoop by right before the cats ran back into the house, terrified.  I laughed at their fear of birds—they didn’t grow up outdoor cats and it showed, or so I thought.

I’m not laughing anymore, because this week the same bird terrified me.

The day before the bad storms hit the East Coast, my mother and I were in the garden, pulling weeds and trimming branches.  My mother took the pruning shears to the holly tree, and soon there was a bird shrieking and screaming at her.  We figured she had gotten close to a nest, so she backed off.  The day after the storm, I went back outside to check to see if the nest had survived.  I was looking at the bundle of twigs on the holly branch when I felt a THUMP on the back of my head.  (more…)

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My mother and I just got back from a trip to Kansas and Missouri, where my parents grew up.  We were visiting my 94-and-a-half year old grandmother and staying with my aunt and uncle—my mom’s little brother and his wife.  It was a great trip in terms of family—my grandmother was warm and loving, even though she’s in a nursing home with round-the-clock care, and the rest of my mother’s family was as hilarious as usual.  We had a nice lunch with my aunt Mary’s brother and his wife and told stories.  We saw an old friend of my mom’s from college and got to go to my second cousin’s first birthday and to meet another cousin’s new girlfriend.  All the human parts of it were pretty wonderful. (more…)

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