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baked and wired

Yesterday my sister came over to my mom’s house to pick up some things, and on the way over bought herself and my boyfriend and me some cupcakes from Georgetown’s Baked and Wired. This morning we got around to having them for breakfast. My boyfriend, who usually eats everything in sight, surprised me by stopping at just half a cupcake.

“The days are gone when I could have a sugar bomb for breakfast,” he said. “I used to go into work”–he’s a computer programmer, and he used to work long, hard hours–“and get a couple of pop tarts from the vending machine. I’d have them with a huge mug of coffee with lots of cream and sugar. Then I’d start to work on a big bottle, I’m talking two liters, of Coke. I’d have one or two of those before lunch.”

“It’s incredible that you don’t have diabetes!” I said.

“I know, right? Sometime in my early 30s, I decided that 2-4 liters of sugar soda a day was too much. I switched to Diet Coke. I dropped ten pounds immediately.”

(Starting blogging again.  For now, some shorter posts  with less context to just get something down.)


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